Facebook Marketing Workshop

Are You Facing One Or More Of These Painful Challenges In Your Business?

- You're clueless about when the next sale is coming in. And you're feeling uncomfortable (maybe even anxious) about the future of your business.

- You're tired of wasting time and money chasing after junk leads that are not even remotely interested in your products and services.

- You struggle and can't seem to get more leads from your current marketing channels (be it referral or word of mouth) because they are just too small

If any one of the above statements describe you, pay close attention...

Because I'm going to share with you a simple way you can easily and quickly get more leads and explode your sales.



Discover How We Use The Fastest Facebook Marketing System In Singapore To Get New Customers For Any Business In Just 3-Hours Flat! (I'll Also Show You Exactly How To Do The Same For Your Own Business)

You will LEARN:

- 8 Specific Ways To Laser Target Your Prospects

- How To Avoid The 3 Biggest Mistakes In Facebook Marketing- These could be the reasons why you're ads are bleeding you dry with poor results!

- How To Get Prospects Within 3 Hours or Less With My Secret L.O.C.K Formula- (This is the exact same strategy I used to get thousands of leads in 45 days flat! Note: my friends who are business owners have seen me go on hot streaks like that and have been begging me to teach them this highly strategic approach to maximize their Facebook budgets).


"Within Less Than A Week, I Got 11 Request For Quotations At About $3.50 Each!"

Within less than a week, I got 11 request for quotations for about $3.50 each! And the best part is these are people who genuinely want to replace their curtains! I believe this will be my “secret weapon” because I’m the only one in my industry marketing the RIGHT WAY!”

- Andy Er, Director, Soon Seng Heng
(Curtains & Blinds)

"...With Just A Few Tweaks, I Increased My Leads By 800% The Very Next Day!"

“Before I came for the workshop, I was running my campaigns and the leads coming in were mediocre. I was getting only a few leads per day and it was frustrating as the results were very slow. During the workshop, Adam shared precise strategies and tactics to improve my sales copy and ads. With just a few tweaks, I increased my leads by 800% the very next day!

- Christine Tan, SEO Consultant, Leverage Spring
(SEO Consultancy)

"...223 leads...$6,600 Of Revenue In Less Than A Month!" *

“Before I came for the workshop, I was paying about $25 for each registration for my free workshops. After attending the workshop, I learnt how to build a list effectively & economically & managed to get 223 leads at just $2.24 per lead! On top of that, I managed to get 11 paying customers in just a few days using the Quick-Sale method! All in all, I made more than $6,600 of revenue in less than a month!

-Mervin Soon, Co-Founder, Pique Labs
(Tuition Centre)


Not only that, you will also LEARN:

- Insider "Big Boys" Marketing Strategies that I've compressed, which big brands like SK-II, Hugo Boss & even Coca-Cola are using to get prospect Fast.Fast.Fast! (BUT without the huge price-tag, 2 teams of designers, a 6 figure budget, a creative team and managers to bark orders at your marketing department)

- The Correct Way To Run Facebook Ads - Using my T.O.S.M System that scales your successful ad and gives you maximum bang for your buck (say no to expensive customers and hello to cheap prospects, if you’re extremely accurate, for as low as even 40 cents)!

- Learn How To Grab Your Customer’s Attention-Despite the noisy Facebook market with my 3 Step Magnetic Ad Process (I’ll even give you one of my best converting ad templates that converted more than 30% in 2014 to take back for FREE)!

- Discover A forgotten technique called "Deep Diving" - And understand your target market psychology so well that you know exactly how you can get your prospects to buy from you again & again happily handing you their money (even if they’ve only seen your product once)!
Dollar Saving Tactics That Even Facebook Experts Don’t Know (that’s why even the pros are coming for my workshops)

- Learn How To Model My Social Sales Funnel-And create a dominating market share, so well that you'll leave your competitors with nothing but dust on their faces while they see you drag in tons of new customers.

- 5 Different Case Studies for That Can Be Applicable In Every Industry- So you can apply what you learn from other fields immediately. 30% of the workshop will be examples purely based on real-life businesses that I’ve helped from different industries (so get ready your notepads & pens!).

- Discover how To Create A Consistent Flow Of Prospects- Anytime, anywhere, even while you’re snoring away (one of my students even had stop her ads because she had too many customers to handle)!

- Turn Clicks Into Cash with Irresistible Copywriting- The art of salesmanship in print and how a minor tweak in your language can increase conversions up to 60.9% (even veteran marketers who have been in the industry for half a decade have not mastered this!)

And many more tricks, hacks and tactics that will INCREASE your leads and sales!

So, if you are ready to get more leads, customers and sales for your business, secure your seats today!

Thu Oct 20, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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Singapore Shopping Centre, #02-19, 190 Clemenceau Ave, S239924 [3 Min Walk From Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station Exit B]
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